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True Private Cloud platform - complete control over on-premise baremetal and public clouds from single point of access.


What makes a True Private Cloud?
It's about having control, agility, efficiency, pricing and breath of services

True Private Cloud is highly automated and managed pool of compute, network and storage resources, enabling end-users self-service access to this resource pool. Increased automation lowers cost of operations from implementation to decommissioning. True Private Cloud lives within on-premises customer data centres and/or is delivered on top of Cloud Providers. True Private Cloud is designed to accommodate on-premises, off-premises and hybrid use cases, depending on CAPEX and OPEX requirements of the business.

Containers & One-click Apps
Docker Containers done in a meaningful way

Container are first class citizens in Warren platform by running them on bare metal using Apache Mesos. This helps in much better resource utilization and faster scaling - all this means less hardware costs. In addtion you have presistant storage option working out-of-the-box to run your stafull applications (data bases). With intuitive and clear UI it is a complete system that provides effortless management of containerized applications. Amongst many of the built-in features you find image registry with continous delivery options, one-click applications, JSON declarations of complete stacks.

Some of the One-click Apps on Warren platform:

Virutal Machines with Backups
Nix & KVM based hypervisor covers the need for classical VM's (incl. Windows)

Warren platform covers all traditional virtual machine operating systems that you can provision in seconds. You have the ability to provision VM’s with exactly the size you need and attach storage drives as necessary. System has built’in backup and snapshots solution that you can activate with just one click. You can spin up new VMs from previous snapshots anytime or restore the machine itself. Warren also has a built in auto migration system that distributes VMs across hypervisors for best performance.

Block & Object Storage
Built-in Ceph + compatibility with most storage systems

Warren platform comes with a Ceph on Mesos setup for hyperconverged distributed storage in addition to local hypervisor based drives. This enables fast and reliable data management across large clusters. In addotion Warren in extendable to use other storage system as well if needed.

Networking & Topology
Ability to manage private networks, firewalls & floating IPs

We use visualized topology to provide you with a complete overview of all connections between your applications and the outside world. You can literally navigate through the interrelations of all your resources through a visual map and make changes where needed. Global private network help you easily work with mixed enviroments where containers and VMs can work comfortably together.

Sharing & User management
It is the end of switching user accounts

People are the center of everything

You can share or limit access and permissions to all or parts of your assets from projects to billing accounts. As everything is single sign-on there’s no need for any passwords.

Our sharing model really deals with modern work habits by allowing people to have different roles in different projects.

Real-time Collaboration

You can asynchronously collaborate with other users in real time. It's Like Google for Work, but designed for code and data science.

Remote pair programming, carrying out or taking part in educational workshops, sharing knowledge and insights with coworkers has never been easier and more efficient.

Expanding & upgrading infrastructure
Plug'n'play infrastructure expanding is a super saver

Infrastructure under Warren is easily extensable thanks to dsitributed system kernel Apache Mesos and purely fuctional and declarative Linux dstribution Nix. Not only makes it easy to add and replace hardware, but the same system plays significant role in upgrading the Warren platform itself without downtime.

Data Science workloads
Take Jupyter notebooks to the next level

Today, Jupyter notebooks go much further than IPython. Warren platform enables Jupyter notebooks to scale out of the context of single nodes into a cluster of 1000+ compute units in the matter of few seconds and few clicks. Additionally the ability to work with cloud object storage bucket as natural part of Jupyter makes it very easy to manage your notebooks.

Quotas & Billing management
Manage your expenditure on-prem and in the cloud

Setup multiple billing account for different projects and just choose which account is responsible for which resources. You can also share the rights to use any billing account by other users by gicving them credit limits.

Modern nordic cloud
with unique user experience and extensive API


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